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In 2004 published the research study entitled: Alcohol Use Among Asian Americans in Jersey City” with the funding from the Office of Minority and Multicultural Health, NJ Department of Health and Senior Services (NJDHSS).

In 2003 published the Asian American Resource Directory for Hudson and Middlesex Counties with the funding from the Office of Minority and Multicultural Health, NJDHSS

The mission of the association is to provide unmet and needed human services to the Asian American community in the state. To achieve this, the following objectives are

  • To organize statewide forums, health fairs and conferences to promote Asian American community’s quality of life.

  • To eliminate disparity and inequality in health care

  • To advocate for the empowerment of Asian American community

  • To provide individual, group and family counseling for health, mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence and acculturation issues

  • To offer technical assistance and training to promote a clear understanding of Asian cultures

  • To provide community and professional education on health, mental health, substance abuse and other related issues among Asian Americans

  • To disseminate relevant, state of the art information on Asian Americans and related concerns

  • To provide consultation to groups and organizations regarding Asian Americans health, mental health and substance abuse problems and cultural implications for prevention and treatment

  • To conduct needs assessment and research for the development of responsive programs

  • To make appropriate referrals and linkages to community services

  • To enter into collaborative partnership agreements with state, local and other Asian American agencies in the undertaking of joint health and human service ventures.

This Charity ball was extremely successful with Merrill Lynch as a Grand Sponsor and Staten Island University Hospitality group as co-sponsor. Media from Indian, Chinese, Korean and Philipino communities covered the event. TV Asia covered the entire event. Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, and Philipino, communities got first hand taste of Grandeur and beauty of Royal Albert Palace and delicious food by Sabari Restaurant. Mongolian community leader Dordscho Muschajew was so impressed with the venue and the food that he approached Mr. Parikh to help reserve Royal Albert Palace for Mongolian community to celebrate New Year’s Eve of 2006! “Who says you can have a fund raiser and not have fun at the same time”, said one of the Philipino community leaders.

The vision of the association is to establish a Center for Wellness and Health with interdisciplinary professional staff to address the developmental and psychosocial needs of the Asian American community from infancy to old age. Furthermore, the vision also includes the expansion of the association in the neighboring states so that the emerging human service needs of the Asian American community may be adequately met.