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---Advantages of being an AAAHS Volunteer
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On June 24 2006, AAAHS created a volunteer program with intention of involving youth, working adults, and retired seniors in positive and heart fulfilling services to the community. This program will create a win-win opportunity for both the volunteers and the community they serve. By servicing their community, AAAHS volunteers not only will provide fulfillment of human needs, but at the same time would find something positive to do with their time and skills. They will be using their time thoughtfully to satisfy their inner urge to do something for others. This program invites our youth to take part in charitable activities, supplying them with positive social interaction which will in turn increase self esteem. AAAHS will allow it's volunteers to discover the qualities of philanthropy and implement them in an unforgettable experience. Using their time constructively senior volunteers of AAAHS will actively promote better ways to channel their energy into selfless services to their community while feeling good about themselves and setting good examples for others. 

Bronze Level:     After 100 hours of volunteer service
Silver Level:       After 500 hours of volunteers servicce
Gold Level:         After 1000 hours of volunteer service
Platinum Level:  After 3000 hours of volunteer service